Meet Mimi

Just Mimi is Movement and Mindset Coach focusing on nourishing the body and mind, energetically, emotionally and spiritually to inspire and support personal growth and transformation in living life to the fullest.

Mimi is an optimist, visionary, creative, intuitive and innovative thinker, she continues to learn and will always be the student, passing on the knowledge and tools she has learnt.

''My wish for you is that life becomes all that you want it to be; realise your limitless potential, unleash the power of your mind, love the skin you are in and live life to the fullest.''

𝓙𝓾𝓼𝓽 𝓜𝓲𝓶𝓲 ♡⁣


A beautiful investment into your physical, mental and emotional health.

This is an invitation to embrace your life to the fullest, the nitty-gritty, not so pretty, the messy and the beautiful. 

In this course, I share with you exactly how you can live your life to the fullest:- 

▲ Strengthen your body and mind. 

▲ Reduce levels of stress.

▲ Be happier and more focused in your daily life.

▲ Let go any tension you might be holding on to. 

▲ Find direction in your life.

▲ Discover what might be holding you back.

▲ Replace your limiting beliefs with positive goals and intentions, realise your true potential and thrive!

▲ Love the skin you are in, become the best version of yourself.

▲ Find your inner peace.